DR-100S  S-VDR

  • Equipped of capsule of one type of fixed type or float free type
  • Download data for 12 hours in FPC or FFC
  • Recording up to 24 hours data in Data Acquisition Unit
  • Image recording of up to 2 Channels Radar / ECDIS
  • Recording of AIS, GPS, Echo Sounder, Gyro and Speed Log NMEA data
  • Audio recording up to 6 ch of Bridge Audio
  • Audio recording up to 2 ch of VHF Audio
  • Live Player software allows for real-time data monitoring as well as data playback with a PC at later time

Type Approval Requirements

SOLAS 74 REG. V/18, SOLAS 74 REG. X/3 IMO RES. MSC. 36(63) – (1994 HSC CODE) 13 IMO RES. MSC. 97(73) – (2000 HSC CODE) 13

Performance Requirements

2014/90 EU, 2021/1158 EU SOLAS 74 REG. V/20, IMO RES.A.694(17) IMO RES. MSC.36(63)-(1994 HSC Code) 13 IMO RES. MSC.97(73)-(2000) HSC Code) 13 IMO RES. MSC.191(79) IMO RES. MSC.302(87), IMO RES. MSC.333(90)


EN 60945:2002, EN 61162-1:2016
EN 61162-2:1998,n EN 61162-450: 2018
EN 61196-2:2008, EN 62288: 2014, EN IEC 62923-1:2018
EN IEC 62923-2

Technical Specifications

Name Simplified Voyage Data Recorder
Recording Time DAU – Up to 24 Hours
EMG. BACKUP DISK – 4 Hours (at once)
FPC – Up to 12 Hours
FFC – Up to 12 Hours
Serial Inputs Up to 6 Channel
Video Inputs Up to 2 Channel / VGA or UDP
LAN 61162-450
Microphone Audio Input 6 Channel
VHF Audio Input 2 Channel
Data Acquisition Unit AC-100 – 240V, 10A, 50/60Hz
Fixed Protective Capsule DC 24V, Supply From DAU
Float Free Capsule DC 24V, Supply From DAU
Remote Alarm Panel / Control Unit DC 24V, Supply From DAU
Microphone Units DC 24V, Supply From DAU


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